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As little girls growing up, we often dreamed about the children that we were going to have. Later, we were cautioned not to have sex or to at least use protection by our parents who didn’t want us to get pregnant at a young age. Thus, it is frustrating and challenging to discover that you are actually having difficulty getting pregnant and having the family of your dreams. Many people don’t realize just how difficult it can be to get pregnant, especially if they have never had to undergo fertility treatments to achieve their dreams of having a child.

When you go to the doctor’s office, you are often learning things about yourself; sometimes, you may hear something that you don’t want to believe to be true or don’t want to hear. We all know that, as we get older, ovarian reserve decreases. Thus, the quantity and quality of our eggs begins to decline. This can be hard information to swallow.

At Texas Fertility Center, our physicians are honest about what they believe to be the best course of treatment for your specific case. Each patient’s treatment plan is individualized based upon their specific medical history and needs.

It is very important to the physicians and the staff that we arm you with the information to make an educated decision on what we believe will be best for your case. Unlike other fertility offices, we will allow you to proceed with whichever treatment cycle you choose as long as you understand the chances of success for that specific treatment. For example, if donor eggs are the best recommendation for you, but you want to try IVF with your own eggs, we will allow you to proceed with IVF using your own eggs. Some programs do not give patients the flexibility to do this.

Our goal is to help you have the family that you have always dreamed of by making sure your treatment is the most successful (and cost effective) that it can be.

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