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Female Infertility

Practiced at resolving female infertility, perfecting the happy ending

Uncovering the causes of female infertility brings great satisfaction to everyone at our Austin fertility center. We understand that waiting to get pregnant is difficult, relying on a reproductive process that feels beyond your control. Texas Fertility Center has more than 30 years of experience helping find female infertility causes for patients in and around Austin and Georgetown.

Dr. Anthony Propst has devoted a long and distinguished career to resolving female infertility and age related infertility. He specializes in treating the common causes of infertility such as PCOS, endometriosis and finding the reasons for recurrent pregnancy loss. Female infertility testing and treatment at our Austin fertility center places you under the experienced care of a board certified reproductive endocrinologist. We look forward to helping you resolve female infertility.

Identifying female infertility causes

You may walk into our Austin fertility center with a clear diagnosis, such as PCOS or uterine fibroids, or grappling with unexplained pregnancy loss. Either way, Dr. Propst will provide a definitive answer to the question: “Why can’t I get pregnant?”

Our fertility center team shares with each new patient the basic facts about female infertility, and designs a patient-centric timeline for female infertility testing and treatment.

Female infertility accounts for about one-third of all cases; male factors contribute to a third, and a combination of male and female causes contribute to the final third. Our Austin fertility center meticulously investigates possible causes of female and male infertility.

Hormonal causes of female infertility: Ovulatory dysfunction accounts for the majority of cases of female infertility. Fortunately, many women respond well to baseline therapies to induce ovulation.

Anatomical causes of female infertility: Even minor abnormalities in the surfaces or formation of reproductive organs can lead to infertility. Treating causes of female infertility such as endometriosis, fibroids and uterine septums can restore fertility potential.

Age related female infertility: A common cause of female infertility, age related infertility, results after a decline or depletion of the oocytes (eggs) in the ovary.

Female infertility testing will begin with the most non-invasive and straightforward diagnostic tools.

Blood testing: Our fertility center can confirm ovulation, ovarian reserve, and progesterone levels with a series of blood tests performed over one or two menstrual cycles.

Physical examination: Ultrasound technology reveals preliminary data about the pelvic cavity, uterus and ovaries.

In-office fertility testing: Saline infusion sonohysterogram (SIS) is an ultrasound procedure we use to evaluate the uterine lining and the shape of the uterus.

Fertility surgery: Dr. Propst is a highly trained fertility surgeon, specializing in robotic and other minimally invasive techniques.

Depending on initial findings, Dr. Propst will explain your options if you need higher-level testing with laparoscopic or other minimally invasive fertility surgery.

Treating infertility with targeted therapies

Your input is essential at this point. Will you opt for fertility surgery to address endometriosis? Are you willing to consider advanced reproductive technologies for resolving recurrent pregnancy loss or age related infertility?

A combination of treatment options may be necessary to resolve your female infertility.

  • Fertility surgery
  • Ovulation induction with oral or injectable medications
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Donor eggs and fertility preservation
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

The moment you partner with our Austin fertility center, we work toward ending your long wait to get pregnant. Contact us at our Austin fertility center, serving Georgetown and beyond, to schedule a female infertility workup.