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Infertility Once Made Hugh Jackman Miserable

Hugh Jackman, star of the holiday film Les Miserables, experienced a difficult time conceiving before adopting his children, Oscar (12) and Ava (7). The actor shared his story on a December episode of the talk show Katie.

The Pain of a Failed IVF Cycle

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) resulted in miscarriage for the Jackmans, and they recall the pain even years after experiencing their silent sorrow. The Texas Fertility Center clinical and office team knows how devastating a miscarriage can feel, and how hard it is to talk about, particularly for couples undergoing fertility treatment to achieve pregnancy.

Supporting a Couple Facing a Pregnancy Loss

If you are grieving the loss of a baby, or know someone who needs help recovering from a miscarriage, Texas Fertility Center provides these thoughts for offering support.

1. Listen. Finding the right words to say in a time of loss may not be necessary. Simply listening and offering silent support to each partner can speak volumes.
2. Call the baby by name. Acknowledge the life that would have been by using the baby’s name in conversations, memorial gifts and notes.
3. Allow time for grief. Try not to rush the grieving process, and reassure the couple that working through feelings of anger, guilt and sadness takes time.
4. Offer to help. Packing up maternity clothes, baby gifts or memorabilia can relieve a parent of a painful task. Help with meals and housework, or babysitting for siblings is also appreciated.
5. Acknowledge anniversaries. A memorial gift, note or card on the baby’s expected due date or date of loss can console the couple, and remind them that you share in their grief.

Texas Fertility Center also recommends partnering with a licensed professional counselor or joining a support group when the burden of grief becomes too great to bear alone. Contact us to find out more about local groups that help couples recover from the loss of miscarriage.

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