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Not all fertility centers are created equal

I think it is important for patients to understand that you do have a choice regarding where you decide to seek your fertility treatments. I received a phone call from a patient, just recently, that really stood out in my mind and really inspired me to convey the message of why it is important to do your “homework” when selecting your fertility center.

One important question to be sure to ask yourself is whether the doctors are board certified Reproductive Endocrinologists (RE) at the center you are considering. RE’s are specialists in the both infertility and endocrinology and have had much more extensive training than OB/GYN’s. Many places advertise that they provide services for fertility, but they do not have board certified Reproductive Endocrinologists on their staffs. All Texas Fertility Center physicians are Reproductive Endocrinologists, having completed 2-3 years of fellowship (specialized training) in Reproductive Endocrinology following their 4 year OB/GYN residencies.

You will also want to get a good feel for how the office operates. Is the center open on weekends and on holidays? Can I be seen late in the evening or early in the morning? Fertility is not something that is always predictable and so you may need to be seen on a holiday or a weekend. Texas Fertility Center is open 365 days a year- except leap year! We understand that your fertility is important and we will be there for you every step of the way no matter what day your treatments need to fall on. Make sure you choose a center that you can trust and rely on. We offer appointments early in the morning, as early as 730 am , as well as late in the evenings to accommodate patients busy schedules. We understand that scheduling appointments can at times be challenging and we try our best to work with each patient’s schedule to make the fertility process as stress free as possible.

I would also want to know if my physician will be the one performing the procedures (especially for IVF). Many centers batch their cycles, so that the procedures all fall during the week and avoid the weekend. While this may sound attractive, these centers typically rotate physicians so that whoever is on call will do your important procedures. At Texas Fertility Center, we custom tailor each patient’s schedule to ensure that your physician will be there for all of your important procedures.

Another obvious, but often times overlooked, question to ask is if your procedures for IVF will be done in town or out of town. Many fertility centers have satellite offices in several locations but have their main offices (where the procedures are actually performed) may be located in another other city. At Texas Fertility Center, all IVF and IUI procedures are performed right here in Austin. Our laboratory and Fertility Surgery Center is in the same complex as our Mopac office.

Ask as many questions as you can before scheduling your first appointment. At Texas Fertility Center, when you schedule your first appointment you will speak to a nurse who will answer all of the questions that you may have. Once you are an established patient, you will have an assigned nurse who is familiar with your case so you can have a direct point of contact at the office.

Not all fertility centers are created equal. You have the ability to choose who you want to work with to have the family you always dreamed of. Texas Fertility Center works very closely with our patients to make sure that patient satisfaction continues to be our top priority.

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