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Renewing Your Body and Spirit after Breast Cancer

Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis will radically change your life.


Because of early detection, more and more women are fighting breast cancer and winning the battle with this disease. The five-year survival rate for Stage 0 and Stage 1 breast cancer is approximately 100 percent, and Stage 2 patients have an 86-percent survival rate for that same time period.

After beating this illness, you can take steps to rebuild normalcy and improve your overall wellbeing. Consider the following tips to help you reclaim the joy, health, and happiness in your life:


Move on to wellness

Based on the American Cancer Society recommendations, survivors should incorporate at least 30 minutes of moderate activity five days a week into their routines. You don’t need a gym membership to reach this goal; just make sure to get your heart rate up. The benefits of exercise include elevating your mood, improving sleep, reducing stress, controlling weight, and boosting self-esteem.

Choose wisely with your diet

Though individuals who have a balanced diet and make healthy lifestyle decisions still get breast cancer, research has shown a link between breast cancer and the poor habits that lead to heart disease and diabetes.

Schedule routine checkups to protect your health

Each year without a recurrence adds to your odds of survival, so don’t skip your follow-up appointments. The five-year mark represents an important milestone in your recovery.

Arm yourself with knowledge about your illness

Follow the latest research and understand what you can do to make a difference. For instance, so-called endocrine disruptors, which are found in some pesticides and plastics, can disturb the way your hormones work if these substances are absorbed into the body. To reduce risks, some survivors have considered switching to stainless steel or glass bottles and food containers from their plastic counterparts.

Nurture your spirit

Even without conclusive evidence to link attitude and outcome, spending time with supportive people or enjoying activities you love will lift your mood and contribute to an upbeat outlook. When you feel stuck, make a list of the positive aspects in your life.

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