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After Infertility: Where Are They Now?

You can’t believe this in the fury of the storm, but many women who underwent infertility treatment feel grateful for the experience. Infertility Awareness Month concludes this week, but Texas Fertility Center will continue to share the message of empowerment and hope.

Over the past 30 years, Texas Fertility Center has walked alongside men, women and couples who struggle with infertility. In addition to support programs and wellness resources, the TFC team encourages parents-to-be with testimonies from those who have faced infertility, too.

Life after infertility

• Nancy got pregnant after multiple IUI and IVF cycles and says she realizes that her babies (who are now 13 and 10) were meant to be. “All of those failed cycles paved the broken road that led me straight to my precious children.”

• Junior High sweethearts persevered through secondary infertility and will soon welcome baby Brody into the world. Mom-to-be Shelby says she loves to share her story of the miracle of conception and, through faith, how her family grew.

• Janis, the mother of adorable twin girls, says: “I know that we had a difficult time getting pregnant, but I really feel that going through everything we did allowed us to love our kids more than ‘normal’ parents. We got to fight early for our kids, which made our hearts grow that much bigger for when they actually came into our lives.”

• Angel and Dan struggled with infertility for 6 1/2 years, undergoing multiple cycles of treatment with Dr. Silverberg. With their very last attempt, they opted to use an egg donor and FINALLY had their dreams fulfilled. Their babies turned three recently and Texas Fertility Center celebrates these milestones.

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Infertility by the numbers

You are not alone. In the US, 7.3 million will face infertility. Texas Fertility Center encourages you to get involved with a support group, whether an informal gathering of other couples trying to get pregnant or an organization like RESOLVE. Talking about your struggles with others who “get it” can help you deal with the stress and isolation of living with infertility in a fertile world.

A licensed professional counselor, Valerie Granoff, says: “It is important to remember that your fertility journey is a temporary one.” The months that end in disappointment usually result in a child eventually. You may conceive through simple ovulation induction, IVF, donor egg or donor sperm, or receive the gift of adoption. Each journey leads to the same destination.

If you would like to find out more about resolving infertility or connecting with others who share your story, contact the caring team at Texas Fertility Center.

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