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Casting Call: Texas Fertility Center Searching for Docu-series Stars

Texas Fertility Center routinely consults with women in Central Texas who want to get pregnant with donor sperm combined with intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in-vitro fertilization (IVF), as well as women who want to explore elective egg freezing to delay getting pregnant.
For this reason, the producers of a docu-series in development recently sought out TFC doctors to find women wanting to tell their story about reproductive freedom. Off the Fence productions will share the stories of 5 strong single mothers by choice or career women wanting to delay childbirth in the original production. They are currently seeking potential cast members for this show in Central Texas.
In the spotlight: single women by choice using sperm donors

If you are single and ready to become a mother, donor sperm can provide a clear path to achieving your goal. Going public with your decision to have a baby on your own requires resolve and courage, but will shed light on fertility treatments available to single and career-oriented women.

In the spotlight: women choosing to wait to get pregnant

If you are not ready to become a mother, but wish to keep your options open, egg freezing is a viable choice. Advances in fertility preservation, including an improved egg freezing process called vitrification, make it possible to wait to get pregnant. Fertility specialists can now freeze eggs at peak quality, before a woman reaches her late 30s.

Tell your story of reproductive freedom,~ join the cast!

Contact Wendy at Texas Fertility Center, wendy@txfertility.com for more information about donor sperm cycles and egg freezing options at TFC and applying for the documentary cast.

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