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Find Peace and Joy (Despite Infertility) this Holiday Season

Infertility doesn’t take a holiday, so the added stress of a hectic, emotionally charged month can leave you feeling Grinchy. At Texas Fertility Center, we know the struggle to get pregnant can steal your holiday joy. What’s festive about infertility?

Our fertility specialists have talked to hundreds of women – over three decades of December fertility treatment appointments. We’re always inspired by our patients’ resilience and strength, and have learned a thing or two about ‘reinventing’ the holidays to cope with infertility.

Texas Fertility Center Shares Advice for Handling the Holidays

Thomas C. Vaughn, M.D.: “Guard your calendar.”

Don’t respond to party invitations out of guilt or obligation. If you feel any trepidation or anxiety about a gathering focused on children’s activities, opt out this year. When the guest list includes overly inquisitive relatives or pregnant friends and family, give yourself permission to make other plans.

Kaylen M. Silverberg, M.D. “Practice your response to: When are you having children?”

The inevitable question about your reproductive status will come up at the most inopportune time—across the dinner table, during a gift exchange or while glasses are raised for a toast. It helps to rehearse your answer. A brief “we’re working on it” is a lighthearted response – fine for casual acquaintances and distant relatives. You may wish to develop an honest but succinct update for your trusted support system.

Lisa J. Hansard, M.D. “Nurture yourself and your partner.”

Proactively seek peace during the holiday season: plan a weekend getaway, make special dinner reservations or sign up for a holiday 5K. You may even decide to take a month off from fertility treatment if you and your physician agree on the timing.  (Of course, some people plan December fertility treatment to take advantage of year-end deductibles.)

Natalie Z. Burger, M.D. “If coping with infertility problems seems overwhelming, talk with a fertility therapist.”

The life crisis of infertility can seem more manageable when you partner with a professional therapist. Texas Fertility Center can refer you to Austin-area specialists  that equip couples with positive coping strategies and support.

If you are dreading December, remember: “This too shall pass.” January 1st brings renewed hope for a successful outcome, and Texas Fertility Center will work tirelessly to help deliver the gift of fertility. Create a fertility treatment plan by contacting Texas Fertility Center.

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