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Dr. Burger Shares That “DHEA May Hold New Promise for Diminished Ovarian Reserve”

We are really excited about our recent press release and what it may mean to our patients  “DHEA May Hold New Promise for Diminished Ovarian Reserve” — Natural Hormone Produced 6 Fold Increase in IVF Success Rate –! 

“We are excited that a relatively inexpensive option such as DHEA has the potential to help our patients conceive,” Dr. Burger explained.   You can get the whole story here ~ http://www.txfertility.com/articles/2012/DHEA-Improves-Fertility.php

In response to this exciting research, Dr. Natalie Burger spoke with Perry Watson of KLBJ Health News and you can see and listen to the interview here ~ http://www.txfertility.com/beyond-the-birds-and-bees-podcasts.php

For more information about this and other research studies going on at Texas Fertility Center, please visit our website http://www.txfertility.com/08research.php

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